Great products are meant to change the world! You may have a brilliant idea in your mind but that doesn’t mean you should have a large product design firm at your disposal! Today it’s no big deal! Outsourcing product development has become so common place that many successful projects have been launched as a result of it.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to worry about the details. The outsource team can develop the new software product from start-to-finish. This increases the chances to have your work done faster in a more professional way, and you can concentrate on the more significant stuff. But still before you take the big leap there are things to consider…

At Tuner Labs, a product development company for startups we know it is pretty difficult for you to take the right decision. We are there to help you to develop cloud based software products. Here are five tips to check out before you start outsourcing the development of your new product.

1. Always stay in the loop and constantly be learning.

Your product is your vision & you need to pursue it constantly! By handing it over to an outsourcing firm, you no longer will have as much control of it as before. But you need to always stay in the loop & not take off from the process at this vital moment. By doing this you can realise your vision & avoid any regrets later.

Be in the project as a guide just to give it the much needed push forward! You don’t have to do everything yourself, but you need to remain in control of each step. If you’re a non technical person you may not be able to understand the development process but it would make things easier if you add a tech-savvy person at your side as a co-founder and you can concentrate on the non-technical side. That way you can develop a product, even if you’re non-technical!

2. Easy Communication through wireframing

Communication paves the way towards the success of your project! It’s important that you get your message across to your product engineering team in the most effective way so that they understand the idea of your project and get results. You should make your draft more detailed and understandable so that you will get what you want, with fewer questions received, and lesser costs are involved in the process.

Wireframing can be done to get your idea across to the team. You create a skeleton of your product with screens layout, a navigation system, and its main functions in the wire frame. It can also describe the main purpose of your product as well as its core functionality. The product engineering team with people experienced in modern technologies and visualizing skills will be able to understand the wireframe and develop the product accordingly. Wireframes can be done using diverse ways – from pen and paper to various wireframing tools like desktop, web-based, and mobile applications.

3. Reduce your risk by implementing checks and balances

Getting a second opinion on your product’s design reduces your risk during the development process. You should also allow flexibility to a certain level and be able to compromise on the features of your product. Being too strict on features may result in the software product not to be built eventually.

The first version of your product may not be perfect. But just allow it to be designed, built, tested, and finally launched. You can add all the features you need later on. Concentrate on the core functionality and the problem it solves, you can better it afterwards.

4. Agile methodologies & Outsourcing

Agile and outsourcing combination is ideal for getting great results! Recent trends have shown that many companies combine the benefits of outsourcing and the flexibility offered by agile methodology. Outsourcing product development means access to an extensive base of professionals, reduced costs & high-quality development. By implementing agile techniques, you can make changes during software development process of your product as and when needed and get a quick and flexible response. Setting specific timeframes for completing a particular body of work also can be done. As the development system becomes very adaptable to changes, this can aid improvement of the upcoming product throughout the whole development cycle.

5. Right communication can do wonders!

Even the greatest project can fail due to poor communication! That is why communication should be given prima facie importance in the outsourcing process. While choosing an outsourcing product development company for your product development, just check out how quickly it responds, the communication capabilities, and which communication channels and formats are being used etc. All these will play a role during the working process. Quality interaction with your outsourcing team is highly essential in the agile way of doing things…

It’s the time to go the extra mile & and learn! You can develop new skills, and challenge your fears. Once you have fixed an outsourced product development partner, set up an internal team to do the assessment to evaluate the performance of your product development partner on a quarterly or monthly, basis.

Now that you have gone through these 5 tips in outsourcing your product development you can now confidently go about it and you will set yourself on the road to success! All the very best to you…

Note: Tunerlabs is a leading technology solutions company & a product development company for startups creating end to end cloud based software products. We cater to clients across the globe. Our extensive portfolio includes technology consulting, custom development to managed staffing & we take care of the process from concept to the final stage for our valued clients.