Targeting business growth, your next agenda? Rethink your business model! Build a more resilient and flexible business by spending minimum resources and completing projects in the shortest time possible! Offshore development services in India are a popular and effective alternative for companies due to their cost-effectiveness and excellent access to the huge availability of tech experts.

In the business world of today, many companies have switched to dedicated offshore development in India to increase their business output & drastically reduce their time to market. As a faster, cheaper, more efficient way to streamline and manage business operations an Offshore development centre in India will only add value to your business.

What is an offshore development centre?

It’s more like an extended office based in another part of the world where a dedicated offshore team supports your company. Offshoring the software development process to a country where production costs are lesser means more budget resources can be allocated to more needy things.

The ODC business model has become quite popular with different kinds of companies including startups and enterprise companies. It has been used for diverse business processes and services like:

  • Creating and maintaining solutions and software
  • Project management
  • Testing and migration
  • Technical or customer support

Having a partner company in an offshore location will give you the advantage of good infrastructure and assistance in securing, mentoring & managing high-quality resources resulting in best productivity.

An Offshore development centre India consists of a team of integrated talents like:

  • Account Manager – Manages client relationships and ensures on-time delivery of high-quality projects. Also reaches out with other services or support.
  • Project Manager – Ensures that all the requirements relating to budget, scope, schedule, communication, and other resources are met in a project.
  • Designers and Developers – In charge of the design, installation, testing, and maintenance of your software.
  • Test Engineers – Check and verify the integrity, quality, and even non-functional requirements of your product.
  • Usability Engineers – The usability or user-friendliness of your product are evaluated by these usability engineers.
  • Graphic Designers – Create visual and graphical concepts or text to promote a product’s unique persona or brand.
  • Content and Technical Writers – Responsible for creating content and instructions integrated into the software or website.

How does an Offshore Software Development Centre work?

When it comes to software services, they are generally quite expensive in comparison with other services. Hence obtaining these services from a country where manpower is cheaper without compromising the quality of work is quite a smart decision! You don’t have to pay for a lot more extra things like travel expenses, housing expenses etc. other than just the salary of the employee.

Moreover, you get a highly professional team of members who excel in their field of work. You may have to train them as per your requirements but once they are trained well, their services can prove to be quite valuable to your company. They will understand your style of working and work towards achieving excellence with efficient offshore development services project management.

Differences between outsourcing & setting up an Offshore Development Centre

If your company faces a shortage of software engineers or you want to scale without spending more money on infrastructure, outsourcing work to a different country is a good option. With a good outsourcing partner your business can tread the path to success.

Before taking the leap with outsourcing, let’s check out the differences between ODC and Outsourcing:


  • Outsourcing – With outsourcing you can start small, and then extend the scope to full-stack complex projects.
  • ODC – If you have in hand large size long-term projects requiring skilled expertise, committed attention and professional support, setting up an Offshore Development Centre is a great option.

Developer commitment

  • Outsourcing – A developer in an outsourcing set up would be working on more than one project for different companies at a time.
  • ODC – Here, a dedicated team will be working exclusively for all the projects in your company in an office set up for this purpose.

The size of team

  • Outsourcing – The size of the team solely depends on your project, and the time to market.
  • ODC – You can hire an entire team of professionals and assign the tasks in an ODC.


  • Outsourcing – The vendor usually has their own team and tasks are assigned based on their skill and potential.
  • ODC – According to client requirements, the team with specific skill levels are selected carefully.

Scaling up the team

  • Outsourcing – More members are recruited and added to the team by the vendor according to your requirements.
  • ODC – Scaling of the team will be done with active participation from the company itself.

Support system

  • Outsourcing – The support team which includes the accounting team, project managers, HR etc. will be set by the vendor company,
  • ODC – The support team is completely set up by the parent company and they will have a good idea of the roles and expertise of each support team member.

What are the benefits of an Offshore Development Centre?

Partnering with an ODC provider can result in a lot of benefits to your company. Here are the main advantages of having an ODC:

  • Reduce costs in infrastructure – As the offshore service provider has already set up the requisite infrastructure, you don’t have to spend on setting up office facilities and equipment, IT infrastructure and utilities.
  • Autoscaling your IT department – As per the requirements of specific projects, the resources needed may fluctuate. Autoscaling or dynamically allocating resources to match performance requirements is possible with an ODC. The offshore team can absorb the roles or tasks from the in-house team making it easy.
  • Reliable & efficient operations – Prime ODC companies strictly adhere to efficient evaluation and reporting procedures to be accountable and transparent to their clients. You’ll be able to assess and monitor the progress of the projects in real-time and if you do not find the results of the project satisfactory, you can demand to redo the project with no additional costs if your contract with the ODC specifies it.
  • On-time delivery of projects – Working under optimised environments and streamlined procedures an ODC ensures timely delivery of your projects. The project timelines that you set are strictly followed right from planning, design, development, testing and deployment. The in-house team and the offshore team collaborate seamlessly to ensure shorter timeframes for the project lifecycle.
  • Technical support and knowledge retention – With an ODC, you can expect continuous technical support during the entire lifecycle of the project. With a positive approach to knowledge retention, the ODC’s preserve all the knowledge gained during a project’s life cycle which can be further developed and improvised so you can use it for other projects.
  • Access to the best skills and technology – The offshore teams in the premier ODC companies have highly qualified IT professionals with specialised expertise in developing customised software for your targeted customers. These ODC’s invest in regular training and upgrade of the skills of their employees. All these factors ensure you get good returns on your investment in an ODC.

Offshore development centre security

It should be one of your biggest considerations when selecting an ODC! Enterprise-grade firewalls and network monitoring are implemented by ODCs to prevent attacks while the data is being transferred. Network monitoring tools can keep track of incoming and outgoing traffic on the network while a quality firewall will stop suspicious traffic from accessing the network, server, or computer.

Are you ready for your offshore development journey? Choosing a reliable ODC partner is critical for your business! With years of experience in delivering quality output, Tuner Labs can help you set up a robust and scalable offshore development centre in India.

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